Fr. Erick Reflections 6-11-2019 (English)



It is the oldest time of the organization of the Christian year. It also occupies most of the year: 33 or 34 weeks. This Ordinary Time is divided as in two "batches." A first, from after the Epiphany and the baptism of the Lord until the beginning of Lent. And the second, from after Pentecost to Advent.

In Ordinary Time we see a mature Christ grow in age, wisdom and grace. We also see Him live to fulfill the Will of His Father, to give Himself to men. Therefore, we in Ordinary Time must seek to grow and mature our faith, our hope and our love, and above all, to fulfill with joy the Most Holy Will of God. This is the grace we must seek and implore from God during these 33 weeks of Ordinary Time.

Grow. Grow. Grow. He who does not grow stagnates, becomes ill and dies. We must grow in our ordinary tasks: marriage, spiritual life, professional life, work, study, human relations. We must also grow in the midst of our sufferings, successes, failures. There are so many virtues can we exercise in all this! Ordinary Time thus becomes an authentic gymnasium to meet God in daily events, exercise virtues, grow in holiness. Everything becomes a time of salvation, in the time of God's grace.

The spirit of Ordinary Time is well described in the Sunday preface VI of the Mass: "In you we live, we move and we exist; And still pilgrims in this world, not only do we experience the daily trials of your love, but we already hold the future life in pledge, for we hope to enjoy the eternal Passover, because we have the firstfruits of the Spirit by which you raised Jesus from among the Dead."

I invite you to take advantage of this Ordinary Time with great fervor, with hope, growing in the theological virtues. It is a time of grace and salvation. We will find God in every corner of our day. Just have eyes of faith to discover it, not to live short-sighted and locked in our selfishness and problems. God is going to pass our way. And during this time let us look to that Christ who is an apostle, who prays to His Father from the earliest hour, and then, during the day, strives to bring salvation to all, ending the day surrendered at the feet of His Father. If we are not enthusiastic about the Christ apostle, full of strength, love and vigor ... with whom will we get excited?