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Our Liturgical Design Consultant will lead our faith community in a continued series of conversations that will assist our parish in creating a shared vision for the renewal our church building. We will study what the church asks of us, evaluate images of how other parishes did similar work and gather your input on how you think we should move forward. The place a parish gathers for worship is to be a reflection of the community gathered there. Your participation and input will help to renovate our renewed church facilities to reflect your needs.


Feasibility Study

In an effort to perform our pre-renovation due diligence, our fundraising committee hired a consultant to conduct a feasibility study. The intent of this study was to aid determining how much money we, as a parish community, were capable of raising. We contacted, interviewed and checked the references of three professional Catholic fundraising firms. We felt the approach to fundraising followed by Walsh and Associates most closely aligned with the values of our parish community. A selection of supportive parishioners were contacted and asked to take part in confidential interviews with a representative from the firm. The names of those interviewed will remain confidential unless they personally choose to share their involvement. We invite you to review the study result by clicking the link below. 

Feasibility Study Results for Church Renovation (PDF): Click Here to Display


Initial Committees Set Up for the Renovation

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Preliminary Project Timeline

The preliminary project timeline was developed to provide our parishioners with a general idea of what they might expect over the next 6-9 months, but is subject to change. If you have comments or questions related to anything on this timeline, we encourage you to contact members of the communication committee.

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Church Renovation Video Tour

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Church Renovation - Kick-Off Event Video

 Didn't make it to the Kick-Off event? Click the video below to watch the video presented at the event.