Grades K-7

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Grade Level Plans for 2020-21 Formation Year

General Information:  If you miss a class session or are attending "virtual only", your typed lesson plan along with supporting documents will be on our NEW google site which is organized by grade.

Class Structure/ScheduleWe plan to meet "in person" when possible on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. December 2020-February 2021 will be 100% virtual due to COVID-19 rates.  The first gathering will be with one parent and serve as prep. work for the next session.  The second session will always be specific to age groups only. Parents will not be required to attend that session. 

Our sacrament class is set up a little different in that it is 100%parent/child and meets a little more. That class will receive a separate schedule.

Our Middle School Class also has a bit of a different feel.  We will still meet virtually the second and Fourth Wednesday, but will have several complimentary assignments between weeks.  The program serves as a comprehensive program on Catholic Scripture and is a transition between Middle School and High School Ministry. See parent letter link for more information under "middle school"

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The Role of Parents

Parents play an integral role in their child's faith journey. Please take some time to view your child(s) lessons and ask them questions.  While we are at home together, this is a great time to share your memories of faith formation and church.  It doesn't take a huge amount of time -- just 15 minutes a day or perhaps it's part of your one hour Mass on Sunday.  Either way, ,its giving a little bit of God to your family.  Here are some resources to help: 

Creating a Prayer Space in your Home A nice little video from Joe Paprocki, Loyola Press about how to set up simple prayer space in your home

Reading the Bible as a Family Some ways for you to read scripture together as a family

Family, Faith and Fun Activities

Prayer Puzzles: Print off the sheet and then cut apart lines and words.  Who can put it back together the fastest?

 Our Father Lines                                Our Father Words

Basic Catholic Prayers/Beliefs

The Beatitudes and Ten Commandments

The Lord's Prayer

An Act of Contrition

An Act of Spiritual Communion (for when you can not get to Mass)

First Year



Sacrament Year

January 2021 Letter to parents

English:  Click Here            Spanish:  Click Here

Powerpoint from Parent Meeting

Third Grade:




Grade 4/5 combined

(we will be using the fifth grade text)


Middle School

Our middle school program will meet virtually twice a month and have mini assignements in between.  These assignments will be posted on the google site and are part of the overall curriculum.  They will be based on the Sunday readings and interpretative applications.  The curriculum for the year is New Testament.  By the end of Middle School, students will have covered the Gospels through the book of Revelation.

November 2020 Letter to Middle School Parents

Middle School Schedule


Contact Us:   If you would like more information, please e-mail your request to: [email protected] or contact the Office of Evangelization at 920-887-2082, ext. 311