Notices for Parishioners

Urgent Notice to all our Parishioners


December COVID Update

St. Katharine Drexel and the Tri-Parishes

  1. Thank you for responding so well to the health emergency I declared for November. The infection rates were as bad as we thought they would be and included a couple of staff members and a number of church members. 
  2. The COVID rates as we enter December are as bad as November even with our efforts – perhaps we kept them from getting worse. Either way we will see very high hospitalization rates and death rates through the whole month ahead just from the infections of last month.
  3. I can no longer issue a dispensation for all church members per a clarification with the Archdiocese. The Archbishop wishes to challenge people who are safe to go to church to fulfill their obligation to go.  All along the Archbishop reminds people who are vulnerable due to age, health condition, need to care for a person, or the very young that they continue to be dispensed from Mass.
  4. If you wish to have an individual dispensation, simply contact me and I readily can give them to you.
  5. Our school will be taking a virtual break with the public school for a week after Thanksgiving.
  6. All parish meetings that can be done virtually should be done in that manner.
  7. We are having our regular Mass schedule but please follow the rules of social distancing, mask wearing and sanitizing your hands as you come in and leave.
  8. Our Christmas Mass schedule is coming out with a couple of additional Masses and a sign up system at St. Katharine Drexel. Another option for people with risks is to delay a day or two and come to a weekend Mass.
  9. When the vaccine is available please get it – I will as well.

Fr. Michael Erwin